NGuard -2000

Quantity :

Highlights :

  • Self proprietary software pulse system for wide entrances
  • EG2266 light weight, simplistic
  • Easy installation with no synchronization necessary
  • High pick rate of hard tags and labels with multiple sensitivity adjustments
  • Environmental friendly with low power usage
  • Patented design

RF BASE SWEEP TECHNOLOGY Door width up to 4 feet

RF base sweep technology with unique processing.

Minimal fringe allows items with tags and labels to be stored and displayed within 3 feet of the system.

Aisle Width : 1.3m(Label)-1.6m(hard tag)

Finish : Crome Body Color : White

Dimension : 1520x360x100mm

Weight : 20 Kg (TX+RX+Power Supply) - one set

NGuard -2000